DOes Charity DO All GOOD Alone!


I saw this picture quoting one of the tags which is assumed to be said by Sir Ratan TATA.

May be he said it,but it gave me a though provocation is it so do only charity makes a man good .sincerely,I am not against charity and find it good and to feel happy when is able to put money where it’s needed the most.But The question remains Whether Charity do the good.

Does not it deprive the people from work so as to prevent them to earn for a leaving have not it have an adverse effect in which we see people who are fit in all way begging.Is it not the adversity which has prevailed because of scriptures which asks us to donate or speeches like Sharing is caring.

Whats wrong iF Ambani is not sharing his money his hard-earned money to and with the ignorant people who don’t want to earn.

His company has given INdia almost free calls in early 2000 and giving INdia accessibility to free INternet in the next decade.

Yaa,He made a lot money doing same but no one sees the 40,000 crore of investment behind it.

thinking as a common person when I DO something i too want some profit and that’s what he is doing.

8% is the interest rate which banks give on FIxed Deposit,13 -15% for share and equity.

if a person has invested 40k crore in an disrupting idea which has helped the nation to stand to the other parts of world in terms of access to world-class content is it not a noble cause.

why we always say free things good,when JIO was free I saw people lined up for the same but it started charging it became a bone in throat to people,is it not  an adverse effect for people who have got it habituated for getting it free.

COming again to Ambani and TATA,REliance gives their share holders 35% dividend each year which is way more than any one else its just the way you think.

it’s doing a lot good for the people who use their brain work hard and invest in nation building and to make money.

I say it a sustainable growth were things are given for minimum cost and not for free so as to ensure accountability of the people.

as like the 1500 deposit for the feature phone it is a type of one time investment which will be doubled by the company in 3 years and again the dividend will be paid to the customer hence making it free.

THe company makes the profit for making it at a large production and selling it at 1500 bucks and too giving the people the money back .

He too can do that for free just like giving it to anyone who wanted it but it will again give  way to chaos which happened the last time.


hence in my thought its better to make people let learn and earn rather than to charity.



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