Casteism in India

Casteism when think of this word and try to talk to people around me I get several reactions,at times they turn deaf ear,at times they say I am ignorant and unfaithful to the religion I am in,at times they become stern on me.

and when I take the same to laurels around me they say these are the things of the past and don’t exist now,then I say,you say this because you have not seen this.

I am not here to blame why my country have become so racist,why the country of Kalidasa,Kabir, Tulsidasa and all the major intellects became so unresponsive that they divided the entire world on the this basis.

Today I am trying to take a few asked question which answers the origin of caste system and how it was changed from something which was meant to be on the basis of work to that on the basis of birth.

The human civilization when we talk in respect to india dates the same as the origin of human history and both have existed for the same time.

Our civilisation is the oldest and was the most vivid and intellectual and the most powerful in the world and the written accounts dates back to nearly 10000 years.

The time when caste based system was first defined was the prevedic era when the entire human world was defined as BRahmins-those who educate and do knowledge spreading works,then khastriya-those who protect the nation from threats,then vasiyas-those who do commerce and trade,and then was the sudras-those who do less significant works.

The entire system was lucid and work based and not birth based,as for instance if a son of brahmin will join army he will be a kshatriya.

later in the post Vedic period people started making gods,before they prayed to the forces of nature like sun,moon,air,soil and water-the very five components the human body was made of.

In the search of supremacy the Brahmins of that period started motivating people on the various kinds of GODs which controls the world and as they were the centre of education of that time people started following them and that make the first mark of casteism in India as SHIVAS-those who worshipped SHIV and Vaishnavas-those who worshipped Vishnu.

This later got divided in various parts making the caste system more complex.

the same system of caste discrimination happened in nearly all the religion so as to secure the supremacy of a well part of the society which were then believed to be in the direct contact of the originator and then came the path of salvation-or MOksh which made people illusion and follow the rituals without even questioning.

The very lack of the ability to question made the law makers more powerful and the system more complex.

A lot more year later when the system of discrimination was on the zenith and people was facing the foreign invasions with loss of culture and tradition and written manuscripts.

the then scholars started a new system so as to preserve the heritage of our great science the human work which was written over a period of 40000 years and now known as VEDAS.

The Gurus of that time started their disciples to learn the four Vedas as the knowledge which is in mind can’t be destroyed.

This gave way to various sections of scholars-as Chaturvedi-one who knows all the four Vedas;Trivedi-one who has the knowledge of Three Veda,dwivedi as two and so on.

The one who has the knowledge in mixed form were come to be known as Mishra and the one who lived by the gurus and got knowledge after listening to them were called upadhaya.

THis distribution system made people aware of the various people who can be sought to help on related issues making the life good.

But with due course of time this system to get Birth based so as to fulfill the greed of the then people.and hence the caste system evolved in India.

THe one which started because of greed and foolishness cannot be better.

India followed severe foreign invasion from 5th century to 20th century be it the Afghans the slaves the Mongols the portuguese the British which made it very hard to keep the culture in the purified from,

after the loss in the first war of Independence in 1857,the people started taking the bad elements of our society like child marriage,widow remarriage education to girl child caste based discrimination,and a lot other things happened which was to cope with the evils of the society.

THis was needed to be continued at a rapid rate but the kind of transform which was needed never occurred but a transfer occured as  in the form of INdependence of INdia in 1947 where the power was transferred from the hands of selected few to the hands of elected few.

As the elected few then were of the mindset that everything which is WEST is they make their decisions on the basis of that which later worked in giving the mis=xed culture of humanity in INdia.

I now like to ask people as why they follow such a system why they don’t question and believe anything what is said to them.

The one thing which India lost in the process of being advance is the urge of questioning which has made us so week from inside that at times people fear to ever ask questions or speak to evils they just accept everything and any decision.

I have tried in the above lines to ask a question.I would request the people out their to thing in themselves if they are doing it correct.TO ask QUESTION IS the need of the hour.

DO ask the doubts thanks.



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