Setting The Goal



The one action that makes people great is not the things that people listen or thinks all the time,

But its something which people get to know when they ask themselves :-“What I will be remembered for ?”.

And,the few lines answer to the question and that out of the box idea will be something which  will make our life great and something for which we will be known by in the long run.


THe world around us,the society the people in it their questions and all the tangles which happens around us works and work for only one thing:-

“To make us like the everybody else _to make us the common we.”

But what is the most astonishing fact is that we all have that one out of the box idea which we fear to follow because of the common we.

SO As Rightly said,”The little me is to trying to strangle the Big me within”said Jhon Murphy.

So,it will always happen that the fear the process of world which have worked since birth to convert you in the common you.but now its time to get you burning unique you and follow that one goal above all and endeavour the path to success.

and there you should have trust in your ideas and your trust be like the little kid which laughs when being tossed in air for he believes that you will take care of him and not allow to make him lose that cute smile.


It has rightly been presented in the Bible which says about the level of faith:

And it saith,”Whosoever shall say unto this mountain,Be thou removed,and be thou cast into the sea and shall not doubt in his hearts,but shall believe that those things which he saith will come to pass,he shall have whatsoever he saith.”……Mark 11

So,the most basic act to have what we want is faith.

So,how can we follow our own Idea-our vision where everyone else is pointing in other direction-trying to make us the common we.

No,here I am not pointing towards being rich,poor,awesome,successful or wealthy or many other adjectives which signifies glory Here I am talking of following your own set dream your own vision of YOU.

and for you are fighting for one to all-in all senses it is the hardest fought battle ever.

So,to Have what YOU dreamt for YOURSELF,you need to follow these:-

First of all,you need to determine in you the burning desire must prevail in you which will tell you if you want to be that unique you or everybody else.

After you have decided to obtain the Unique YOU,you need to choose the various tools which must accompany you at all times and will help you in all way to be unique.

The various tools to attain the same can be pointed as under:-

  • 1. Setting up the Goal 


  •  2. Acquiring the Knowledge. The same must be a continuous process which must repeat before acquiring and after the acquisition of the goal.


  •  3. Doing Hard work



  •  4. Perseverance:It will make one of the key factor which will help you achieve your goal.It will be to continue your efforts without thinking of successes and   failures and moving in the righteous manner so as to real the ultimate Goal.


SO,I do think following these one can surely lead to the path of success.One of the key will be believe in what you the entire world always works in making you kneel down your level and be Common.

SO,Friends find the Zeal in you,find that burning desire,Set your Goal and Achieve it.

Thanks and take care.

any suggestions will be entertained.


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