A big Blow!Rs 500 and Rs 1000 no more Legitimate Cash!

A Big Blow against corruption!or Just an Hyped Propaganda.

Letting the people know of what happened in the country in the last 24 hours..we all know that the Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes are no more the legitimate tender and as of now..people will not be able to use them in transactions..

So,is it a great move..all speaking on Pros and even the media supporting..I am not a pro-Modi or a true supporter of the government indeed but I too see it in a positive step which will allow people to make their money come into the banking system.or in other words money in action.But What about the NPA.If you are doing it taking in mind increasing the GDP of the country you must ensure taking money back from persons like Vijay mallya…and many others who took billions of crores out of the Banks as loan and never repaid..

I find this step a very good action as it will prevent the cash flow beginning today to flow in the markets like child and organ trafficking as a lot amount of unaccounted though not always illegal cash is used in cases like organ trafficking..

another place where its a set back is drugs peddler,the people who take cash and only cash..

Yet another big impact will be in terms of real state investment but there is not much goal can be ascertained..I will clarify later Why?

though what i see today with the benefits of this is that:

a few things will definitely come to change:-

Firstly there will be change in spending habits of people.

Secondly the money which was used to fund various illegal operations be it in bribes,or in drugs or in terrorist activities or in funding other ways will stop..

A lot people say these will be hardship ya there will be a few but just for 2-3 weeks as for the marriage season and other festive on go..the limit of 20000 a week is a small go in  the country like India..though people have the option to spend it in other plastic and electronic way..

I know who are the most affected and aggressive people they are the whole group of people who play in dowry as they have got lakhs of money in cash..and they have no way to say how and from where they got this money..

So thanks to Rahul Gandhi upbringing their concern for all those people who have sold their sons or daughters for cash…

again..it will be futile if I don’t say what this step will lack to give is…Free from black money..

Because a lot more people in India who are the real players of Black money and Economy has found various way around to make their money safe in other forms and not in the form of cash..I dont suppose a person having 500 crore rupees of paper money they have it in other forms..

and these other forms are now not having gold or silver they have a great way of doing that..

and I will be dealing with  few..

Firstly these people invest their money in buying properties which they quote for low but buy at a still higher rate…

the another way is buying property on fake names..thanks to money..

another form is to invest in construction business where the cost is yet a lot more than accounted cost and all cash is used there..

another way was to buy antique things in auctions which have a lot value..bought by just normal people yet financed by Money Movers..

yet another big and successful way is Swiss Bank….thanks to millions of crores out there already..

But beyond all,though it will not affect the big blowers of economy in India..But to a extend they will find it hard to circulate cash and that will make the money accountable..

The small players will have no room to go..and it will help the economy to boost in the long run.

the normal people need not worry for if they have accounted money which is legal earnings they can have it to the bank and earn tax rather than having it in home unsafe.

There will be a few hardships in the days to come some will face real challenges to transact but for a better cause and for nation building can’t we just have some sacrifices..when the soldiers die at the borders we sympathise..this is the time we can stop their fund chain of the terrorists as a lot of them come from these unaccounted money..

Lets not celebrate one festival a few weekends if its important to do in cash but w have others modes of payment open..

so if you can then kindly support the cause of Corruption Free India..



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