Growing UP

IT happened to me again and again…When I asked am I growing up or just growing old..

Then it happened…

It was in the late evening  when Rohan came back  from college as usual tired and searching for rest…When he found her room mates in agony..

It was not the usual scene was he was used to see…both Rahul and Shivam are light hearted and enjoying sort..

but Rahul seemed serious that day…All the three ignored each others presence as if none other existed…

Then it was the time for the cook to arrive and Rohan found ooo the lunch was not obvr and she asked for why!!!

Rahul in sudden anger and distress outpoured on her….She felt bad and all knew that..

it was so sudden that no one knew why..and Silenece prevealed and it prevealed for longer..

Was it required thought Rohan…the cook was an old lady and the food was awesome was such a reaction required then Rohan tried to talk…

But he stopped rather with the feeling of if everything will become more bad..

then with the time he got he started to ponder..and he thought and learned that He has some disturbances right from the morning.

The exams were near and he wasted a lot..alot more time that required and it made him sad and worried…it was to the reason to outbrust..

Later in the night at the Dinner table Rahul for Sorry for what he did..and explained the reason for he was sad and was thinking hard to how to study make him worried as the exams were near…and he wanted to do well..

and Then Rohan understood that yes…Its not what reacting over what happened is necessary but Why it happened is important…and cleared the SIgn of Growing Up in all the Three…..




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