IT ended with a Text

Yaa it ended with a text

I have known her for the past 10 months now…but it seemed we knowed each other from ages back..

It all started with a friend request…rather I would say the facebook post helped it grew..

I saw  a lot from her thanks to our comman friend Mitra …She was nice at looking life..her newsfeed showed rather great things….about technology life and all,feeling and emotions I found so close…I liked her from that a good painter a good orator she was..i loved her for that…..Never acquainted anyone like her before..I loved her for the joy she gave..i loved her for her little cute face..

But it was a long distance communication…and we never met until it was The End…yaa it all ended with a Text..

It reached its height with messages..calls were few we talked often..her voice was sweet her diction was great..i loved her for that thanks to her for that…

It was good to have her..we talked on texts we talked a lot it was happiness what we got..she was loving never like an stanger not on the first day and too not on the last..

Yaa I  missed her I missed her often but it was for the sake the sake of happiness we paved paths  alone…

I found in her a tinkling joy nothing  was ovious that we ever found we ever meet but I fall in love like never before…No it was no lust it was not for her body..i have never seen her except she seemed to be beauty….but she was beautiful she was lovely..though what attracted me most was her way to speak her diction was great her knowledge my bait..i loved them all…

She never loved me backed..though she take me as a true friend as she often said but I wanted nothing less than love though telling to myself always that it will go to vain..

But back in my heart there was a hope than one day she will be will be with me..she will understand that emotion of mine..but what to say but alas for ThaT day never came..

Than she started telling lies or rather wanting me to say Her a good bye..She betrayed me a lot more time…telling lies which were undefined…I was unable to handle that…so i prefered to move in the lonely road with memories sweet and Bitter.

So I checked on for Her one day…I wanted to tell her all her lies so I checked for her one day..

I believed her like a blind  man..what ever she said was just correct ….but when it had started going often I rather found myself being fooled..and as for me I knowed it always…I just left for the sake of love the feeling of being with her.

But I had have a believe that I have a part in her heart and she will not cross the wall of lies to much..

‘but one day it happened..

I wanted to talk to her on facebook..but she said whats internet…she did not said me the correct thing rather later she told she did not wanted to hurt me..

What else I could say to her..but one day I was looking on Mitra’s timeline and I found Her…All my pride all my love vanished that moment…and a part of me cried and it cried hard..

I guessed she was her..but I had some doubt..and I was praying for that’s not my archana..


But I was wrong I saw her and that was she..i saw her posts on fb and those reasons she gave me was all vain..i saw her posts and that was all of love I hated myself for loving her like fool….rather she befooled me as always…I cant be so dumb to waste my emotion on such a girl who never valued mine..

So I text her mailed her with all the proofs which I got  for  her betraying me..

I wanted to end it all I don’t wanted to be with such a girl it was just because of that emotion I said her a good I don’t want her..i don’t want people who betrays..i can have liers but no I left her…

And I know at a part of my heart that it was good to leave such a girl said nothing  to u but lies so I left her..

But I dont know why i Part of me still cry for that silly stupid girl..for that jhalli..who used to betray his jhalla all the very time..

But a part of me still hopes she too felt bad with some serious reasons to do that..and still hoping that one day she will come saying sorry for what she did..and the best part will be we in embrace..

I dont know why it happened but though I know the bitter truth for it ended..and it ended with a text.

Prabhash Jha




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