The Unknown Face of USA

today i was watching a few things over web…

a few documentries…which were really splendid..

i wanna know all ur choices i had no other better place to connect than this


i saw something about aaron swartz…edward snowden

the anonymus group

all who are working for the open net

and when i say open internet i mean to say free access to information to entire people…


please let me know why such grt laws to stuck peopl like aaron to commit suiside


when i saw about edward snowden who had have to take a asylum…

why we talk of freedom if we cant actually give them….why we talk of them if goverment always keep an eye on us


why there are so much and so copyright laws which brings ideas a matter just for one..rather than becoming cultural legagy..

why a reserch work become a property of a company though it was paid huge by the goverment,,,,’


why the usa say he is good when he peeps on every people.,..

out there….then where is freedom

am i getting it right

do say friends’



today i was bewildering for the thought of knowledge..

why such a thing happens why people dont find freedom…in the country where everyone dwells for freedom..

USA is one of the first countries in the world which recieved freedom and way of expression that we too call fundamental rights in the early 15th century..

but power being shifted in the hands of other people it would have been delicate and the information being encrypted on vast levels..

it all happened in a while where there was the imprisonment of peoples chice…

and when people began to question the voice were raised by laws leading to imprisonment for upto 105 years..


USA is one of those countries in the world which have the maximum number of imprisoners in the world where imprisonment period dwells from 20 to 205 yrs…

i dont know whats wrong with the law maker why they do that..

they want their fulll controlover the society over the mentality..over the information shared allowing only the knowledge they want to pass..and restricting others…


see the case of edward snowden they allegedly made them took asylum in some part of russia why…what he did wrong if he showed the world what the us goverment was seeing..

it was just a nobel cause..

people must know what information goverment is recieving




ibn USA the goverment is able to hear anything and everything people speak on anything connected through to network..

its like something that all have an eye upon u all the time…

so it needed to change..

another case which i came through was of aaron swartz what what he did wrong if he was copying files from the server of mit..was it the property of darvins principle

not good for the entire world..

why people need to pay for it time and again to access those data…

its something the world have got because of the great mind of all it darwin theory..or the reserches on atomic space science and technology..

why research to be published need a publisher though it requires major progress hard efforts giv by people or group of people all the time…a continuing effort..

and then with a blink of eye it becomes the tresure of the publisher..

the publisher charges a huge lot for the same..

what aaron did what to make the contents avialable for the entire world he wanted a free access of inforation to everyone..

to those who are not the part of MIT,.,.,,.,.to those who are not of USA..

to those WHo are part of another part of globe..

he wanted sharing these information with and to everyone..

he can make awesome money..

he was a million dollar rich whn was 17..started working for making internet a better place at the age of 14..

Being a good boy of internet..or internets own boy by none othr than the internets own inventor…




Isnrt Tim good enough to have given the internet for free.he could have made huge money out of it…but he did it for a noble share what we called information..

to everyone without thinking their posion…their caste creed sex place and culture ….these make no difference…what you giv is just ur ip address…




what was amazing in case of scartz…he was not making money..the people who suppoeted him were run down..

the websites like wikipedia which is the fifth most searched were blocked just to supress his support to aaron..and many others too…

a hacker of the anonymus was given imprisonment for 105 yrs..just to set an example…

that if u will think…try to makes thing harder for the goverment to work…thn we will debar u…debar u from all ur life…

and that what us did..he killed aaron…yaa i know aaron commited suiside….but it was never such may be it was manipulated..may be he was killed…

do you think truth to be the part if the entire goverrment is behind u..

do u think if something which can be solved just by mit and AAron was made a national criiminal issue..

and was imposed 35 yrs of imprisonment for him…was it not enough to prove the goverments wish..

lets see what we can do to make this world a better place to live aaron flows without being controlled…by people who let us see what they wanna make us see..

hail USA..u r tooo bad toooo unjust..

and i am ashmed that my own country is just following the trends…

let give my people the real eye to make this world a better place to live in..o lord..

i think what was with aaron and any of the creative people in the world…is not in their own…

its a comman link between the god the heavenly power which i hereby declare the nature…and the mind…

and whn i call the mind i dont talk of the consious mind…its only 10 % for comman people…but i talk about the subconsious mind which have the power to move the mountains..

if understood in a better way..

i want the supply the world with the gift so they can see the best in all…do for the best of the mankind and for the upliftment of the nature..




At last i would like to add two things which i have came to know as a part of self believe in the last few years..


the first is about knowledge..

i will say…if my single cell have the power to make my entire body the organs the musules and the brain..and take my heart to a working condition…dont it have the

power to find a cure for everything else…it must have..

theres just one thing we need to attain that…and thats to bring it our subconsious which have later become unconsious for most of a working state..


and the most important thing to bring it to working state…its to learn the basic …and whats the basic of working of the subconsious brain…

its a comman thing and that is FAITH.,.,.,,.,.,



And when i talk of faith i am not talking about the faith to the almighty..but faith in self the faith that the subconsious can do everything..

and when i do talk of faith what am i really talking about…

i am talking about..the mind and soul no i am not..

i am talking about the believe and what kind of believe i will use the bible saying to  deliver the type of believe reqired…




and it says….

Whosoever shalll say onto the mountains,Be thou removed and be thou cast into the sea..

and shall not doubt in his heart but shall believe that those which he saith shall come to pass..



and the same lies true for everything else..too

thanks..ponder on these..



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