LeArNiNg fRoM LiFe

Hello Friends…

This is my first post here..and i was thinking hard on how to start..

then it came to my mind..

to say all…how it really started..it started with a mere intitution..when i began to write..

it never came as a thought process i write when i feel like writing..

and a few said i do well..lets see if i can entertain you..

I first started writing when i began to love a girl who lived far off..

i liked her a lot…and i loved her a lot more…we never met..we just talked on conversations..

and when she was not there i started to write for her..

It was just and outflow of emotions and as rightly said by wordsworth,”Poetry is the spontaneous outflow of emotions”.

and there I began…

In the blogs to appear in the days to come..i would like to convey a few beautiful things which i crave alot..

It wont be of one type..because written on odd times..

So,lets read and enjoy..

Share if u like..send me suggestions to make it more bright..

Yours own Prabhash Jha.



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